Restaurant cards, life insurance, winter break… We take stock of what will change on June 1st

We start this month of June with several novelties. Good news with long-awaited administrative changes and less good news with the end of certain benefits valued during the coronavirus pandemic. Ticket Resto: end of the upper limit of 38 euros Let’s start with the worst… During the crisis, the government had decided to double the … Read more

Mining company wants to build the first “Infinite Train” with perpetual energy

Fortescue is an Australian mining company and already one of the largest iron mining companies in the world. She also now wants to be the first to create an infinite energy electric vehicle: a train that, once powered by a booster charge, could continue indefinitely by producing its own energy. This is theoretically not feasible: … Read more

“Incorrect processing in fiber optic networks is not tolerable” (Philippe Le Grand, InfraNum)

LA TRIBUNE – The fiber optic expansion is currently being heavily criticized. Many subscribers complain that they cannot be properly connected, while others are sometimes brutally disconnected by unscrupulous technicians… What do you intend to do at InfraNum, which brings together most of the manufacturers in the sector to improve the situation? PHILIP THE GREAT … Read more

Europe ends in the red, interest rate fears – 06/01/2022 at 18:52

EUROPEAN STOCK MARKETS CLOSE LOWER by Claude Chendjou PARIS (Reuters) – European stocks ended lower on Wednesday and Wall Street was also in the red mid-session in volatile markets as investors feared an accelerated pace of monetary tightening by central banks amid the latest economic data. In Paris, the CAC 40 closed down 0.77% at … Read more

According to “60 Millions de consommateurs”, the average additional costs for households are estimated at 90 euros per month

This figure was determined based on the weight of fuel, energy and consumer goods expenses in the household budget. Article written by Released on 06/01/2022 18:57 To update on 06/01/2022 19:13 Reading time : 1 minute. The high inflation “will take a few more months”, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire warned France Inter on Wednesday … Read more