What was Elizabeth II suffering from?

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, may have suffered from a peripheral vascular disease also known as “obliterating arteriopathy of the lower limbs” (AOMI), according to an Australian doctor. What is that ? What symptoms? treatments? Explanation with our cardiologist. summary according to dr Deb Cohen-Jones, an Australian doctor interviewed by English website … Read more

toulouse Mosquitoes spoil the summer: why is there no general mosquito control?

Through David Saint Sernin Published on 9 Sep 22 at 6:44 am News from Toulouse See my news Follow this media August-September is a sensitive period in Toulouse and its agglomeration: mosquitoes are particularly virulent there. The residents are on their teeth… (©Illustration/Adobe Stock) These are the first cases of autochthonous dengue fever History of … Read more

Is hair loss a result of the virus?

We’ve known persistent fatigue, shortness of breath, or even brain fog. But for many people who have contracted the virus, the Covid-19 would also result in hair loss. Hair that falls out in droves every day and a cause for concern for those who suffer from it. Is this phenomenon really due to the coronavirus? … Read more

MAINTENANCE. “Brain tumors are becoming more common in Algeria”

Prof. Souhil Tliba is head of the Department of Neurosurgery at the CHU Frantz-Fanon in Blida. In this interview, this eminent surgeon warns about the prevalence of brain tumors in Algeria. The specialist outlines some possible explanations for this phenomenon. |Also read: Algerian cancer patients are collateral victims of the Haddad affair TSA. Tell us … Read more

Dengue fever cases: two extraordinary mosquito control operations ordered by the ARS

Two exceptional mosquito control campaigns took place earlier in the week following dengue cases. One in Blagnac near Toulouse and the other in Lormont near Bordeaux. The procedure is relatively rare and non-trivial. After two diagnosed cases of dengue fever, a disease often transmitted by the titer mosquito, the regional health authorities of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and … Read more

according to 60 million consumers, very expensive, ineffective and sometimes dangerous to health

In particular, the magazine warns that certain online-bought teeth whitening products contain doses of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide well in excess of legal limits, which can have adverse health effects. Article written by Released on 08/09/2022 06:16 To update on 08/09/2022 07:03 Reading time : 1 minute. According to the magazine’s survey, teeth whitening products … Read more